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Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Yoga?

Obesity is rampant in the developed world today with more than 60% of the population piling on thekilos at an alarming rate. This has resulted in an increase of gym facilities with almost every individualtrying to burn calories by working out vigorously. However, there seems to be easier methods to obtainone’s weight loss goals as well. That is by turning to yoga, the Eastern form of exercise that addressesthe body as a whole instead of treating isolated symptoms.

However, most people are prone to take this statement with a pinch of salt for yoga has indeed provedto be beneficial for a host of ailments and perpetuate well being of the body and mind but there hasbeen no evident claim about its efficacy as a weight loss therapy so far. Many people are thereforeskeptical about doing yoga when they want to lose weight and turn to weight loss centers instead.

Reasons to doubt the power of yoga

It might be time to dispel the myth and welcome the truth about yoga now. Experts are sure torecommend certain asanas for you when you reveal your objective of cutting the calories. Sure, you willnot be able to see a dramatic effect with your belly losing the fat overnight but the slow steadyapproach will also a go a long way to help you become much more fitter with your flexibility improvingin the course of time as well.

How yoga helps in weight loss

Apart from following the required asanas you will be amazed to learn that yoga actually addresses themental condition thereby preparing your body to loss the kilos. Yoga will also relieve your body of stressthus reducing your cortisol levels. This is found to be extremely beneficial as the aforementionedhormone (cortisol) will lead to less of stress thereby curbing your appetite.

However, the physical exercises i.e. the asanas cannot be ignored while trying to fit into your old jeanseither. Remember, that you cannot simply go through the motions and expect to slim down with the aidof yoga. You need to challenge both your body as well as your mind constantly as you push your bodyfurther willing to get to rid of the ungainly fat.

Best Asanas for losing weight

  • Prasarita Padottanasana – Forward bend in a wide legged stance while touching the floor.Holding both hands behind your back in the same stance will also put the required pressure onyour body.
  • Anjaneyasana – This is a traditional lunge wherein you stretch your hips and attain flexibility atthe same time.
  • Ardha Navasana- This is unique half boat like pose that requires you to sit on the floor and raiseyour knees while your hips touch the surface. You would also have to stretch your hand in frontallowing it to be parallel to the ground. This asana will act directly on your tummy and you willfind it becoming taut and free of fat eventually.
  • Vasisthasana- this is similar to the plank exercises that you do at the gym. However, this is amore modified version constituting of a side plank rather than a regular one.

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