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About Transforming Ones

About Us
Transforming Ones

The modern lifestyle has made it really difficult for us to stop, see and explore while all that we are doing is running from one point to another. As children, our hearts and minds were filled with wonderment and we took delight in even the simplest things that we did. However, as we grew up wonderment was replaced with dreary monotony and the need for survival. We all want to have a good life and bring happiness to our loved ones. For that, we work all day and night and focus on professional improvement so that we can earn more and have great success.

However, our lifestyle choices often make it difficult for us to live in a manner that is beneficial for us in the truest sense of the word. In such circumstances, we need a helping hand that can guide us on living in a holistic manner. We need someone who can help us to develop greaterĀ self-knowledge and attune our lifestyle to a higher purpose. It is exactly where Transforming Ones comes in.

What is Transforming Ones?

Transforming Ones is one of a kind Vibrational Sound Wellness and Yoga Studio that makes use of sound for healing purposes. It is a pioneering studio located in Lucknow, UP offering next generation healing solutions to individuals with varying ailments. Transforming Ones was conceptualized and started by a group of spiritual seekers looking to achieve the ultimate excellence in life. The initiative focuses on a better future for all and aims at offering enrichment in personal as well as organizational level. The programs offered by Transforming Ones are designed specifically for assisting people who are looking to awaken their personal inner strength and then channelize it to achieve personal as well as professional development.

Currently Transforming Ones specializes in practices such as:
Aura and Chakra Healing
Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Our Motivation
Our Moto

At Transforming Ones, we help people find their true inner calling.

About FounderAbhijeet SinghTalks

  • 2014

    After having worked for 7 years in the best of the corporate world, managing global workforce and projects, Abhijeet Singh decided to pursue his passion towards meditation and spirituality. With a specialized training in Meditation and Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing, he started imparting spiritual healing in 2014.

  • 2015

    Offering spiritual healing to others as a way of improving the society, Abhijeet Singh founded Transforming Ones in 2015 to help individuals find their source of divine inspiration and connection with the Almighty.

  • 2016

    Abhijeet Singh is the First Certified Sound Healer and Gongstar (Gong Master) from International Academy of Sound Healing (IASH) of UP region, offering his healing services in UP Region. He is now a Certified Trainer and Facilitator for the IASH training programs.

    Abhijeet took professional Yoga training by Yogi Vikas from Brahmavarchas International Yoga Academy in 2016. He is also a Certified Yoga trainer from Brahmavarchas International Yoga Academy.

  • Abhijeet Singh has performed in numerous IASH Sound and Gong concerts in different parts of India. He has also undertaken numerous workshops on yoga, meditation, Tibetan singing bowl sound healing and aura and chakra healing as well as mind, body and soul balance in different parts of India thus helping many people to change their lives for the better. In his workshops, he has always given close attention to the needs of various students as everyone’s needs are different and unique. In this way, Abhijeet Singh has greatly contributed to the creation of a better society where men and women live happier and more productive lives.