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Binaural Beats: The Healing Process Utilizing Sound

Sound Therapy is not an unknown term anymore. In fact, there are hundreds of individual who benefitby listening to music that has a calming effect on their mind. However, it is a therapy in the form ofBinaural Beats that seems to be most exciting today. In short, it is a healing process that makes use oftwo slightly different frequencies that gets to be comprehended as a single tone. However, thetherapists must make sure to provide their patients with the right beats at the required frequencies.Insisting on alertness and complete attention is also a prerequisite for this kind of healing. Furthermore,the patients need regular practice and must make time to listen to binaural beats at least for 15 to 30minutes every day and continue to do so for a month or more.

Quick Facts

  • The therapy is akin to meditation and provides total healing of the body while setting the mindat ease
  • It is based on audio and considered to be a form of self help
  • There is a wide range of beats available for use with each one of them designated to meet aspecific need
  • Utilizing the beats amongst a crowd or in the presence of surround sound is a strict no-no
  • This therapy is not exhaustive and medical professionals feel that there is a need for moreresearch studies. However, the pros do not negate the proven outcomes and endorse its usagewholeheartedly

The Process

The patients are aroused on listening to binaural beats as the different areas of the brain get activatedon hearing different kinds of beats. The results are checked by means of an electroencephalogram thatshowcases the details of the pattern pertaining to the electrical activity within the brain.

Frequencies Used

Alpha pattern- These beats when heard between 8 to 13 Hz is known to promote relaxation

Beta Pattern- When such patterns are heard between the frequencies of 14 Hz to 100 Hz, it mayenhance the alertness of the patient allowing him/her to concentrate more closely. Unfortunately, thehigher end of the frequency may also trigger anxiety thus accentuating stress.

Delta Pattern- People plagued with insomnia and other sleep disorders can benefit by listen to binauralbeats set in the delta pattern between 0.1 to 4 Hz. It induces a deep sleep that is dreamless and helpsthe concerned patient to rest properly.

Theta Pattern- The frequencies in between 4 to 8 Hz in the Theta Pattern also perpetuates sleep albeitin the REM phase. It can also be similar to deep meditation wherein the patient gets to be creative aswell.

The Benefits

People are known to obtain a host of benefits by listening to binaural beats. The process is quick and hasproved to be highly effective in:-

  • Lessening Stress & Anxiety
  • Improving Concentration
  • Banishing Anger
  • Induce Relaxation & Sleep
  • For Management of Pain
  • Unleashing creativity
  • Foster a positive mood

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